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Save the Peace Cross Documentary is a Renee Green Productions, LLC production.

Renee Green

Renee Green

Renee Green works as a Financial Advisor with Ameriprise Financial full time since 1997. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a B. S. Degree in Finance in 1985 and pursued a career in banking which lead to a career as a Financial Advisor. In 2007, Renee went back to school for writing and film. In 2008, she incorporated her vast knowledge of financial products, service and life experiences into an easy to understand Financial Literacy video program entitled Money Concepts for Life, LLC. She has written, produced and hosted over 35 Money Concepts for Life ½ hour programs. See www.moneyconceptsforlife.net for more information.

In 2014, Renee Green Productions, LLC contracted with JT Torres from Talentkey Media to film and edit documentaries that focus on Maryland Memorials, Monuments and/or historical events. Renee Green realized that so many people live busy lives and are not aware of the significance and importance of local memorials, monuments or events. Her mission is to produce documentaries that tell the historical story of the event or about the people who are being honored and memorialized so we have a better understanding of their significance.

Renee Green grew up in New Carrollton Maryland and attended elementary school at St. Mary’s Landover Hills, Maryland located on Annapolis Road which is 3 miles from the Peace Cross. She graduated from Elizabeth Seton High School in Bladensburg, MD in 1981 which is in the same town the Peace Cross is located. So the Peace Cross has always been a part of her life.

Renee felt that she could do her part to stand up and try to defend the Peace Cross from being removed. She felt that with her background in writing and experience in producing Financial Literacy videos that she could complete a documentary about the Peace Cross in the hopes to “Save the Peace Cross.” She feels that the Peace Cross has always been there and she wants to make sure it stays.

Before doing this this documentary, Renee did not know that much about the Peace Cross. She thought it was just a large cross known as the Peace Cross to promote World Peace. Even though Renee is a practicing Catholic, she did not view the cross as a religious cross like some people do but instead as a Prince George’s County landmark dedicated by the American Legion as a symbol of gratitude towards the men and women who had served our county in hope of promoting peace and not war. Now that she has completed this documentary, Renee realized that the Peace Cross not only promotes World Peace but so much more.

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Renee Green
Executive Producer
1786 Generals Hwy
Annapolis, MD 21401
(443) 261-4449 or reneegreenproductions@gmail.com


John “JT” Torres:

John "JT" Torress

John “JT” Torress

John “JT” Torres works full time at the Discovery Channel in Silver Spring, Maryland. He also is a Freelance Cinematographer whose goal is to document people’s stories in life through the magic of video. He uses quality HD video cameras from Canon and Sony, and employs professional cinema graphic software and techniques in post-production to capture or recreate the moments in life that are most important to people such as a graduations, weddings, quinceaneras, engagements or anniversaries. His mission is to tell the world your story!


Robby Ferguson:

Robby Dean

Robby Dean

Robby Ferguson is an Drone Pilot and  independent media design consultant. He is the owner of Robby Dean LLC. He assists businesses with website, logos, photography, branding and Facebook design and media content.