Directors Statement

I grew up in New Carrollton, Maryland and went to Elizabeth Seton High School located in Bladensburg near the Peace Cross.  I remember the first time I saw the Peace Cross as a little girl when my family drove by it going into DC one day and my father pointed it out to me. Then 50 years later I found myself defending the Peace Cross through my documentary in one of the country’s largest legal battles and a landmark Supreme Court decision involving memorials and religious freedom. It has been an honor to complete this documentary and know that we made a difference in one of the country’s most important legal battles that went all the way to the Supreme Court. On June 20, 2019, the Supreme Court ruled 7- 2 that the Bladensburg WWI Memorial Peace Cross is constitutional. 

I am honored to receive the following awards for my efforts to Save The Peace Cross: 

  • State of Maryland Governor’s Citation
  • Senate Resolution
  • General Assembly Citation
  • Prince George’s County Proclamation
  • Town of Bladensburg Proclamation
  • We Lead By Example Award

Save The Peace Cross was mostly funded by myself. The total cost was $19,387 which included $4,153 in donations and $1,622 from a Kickstarter Campaign. The remaining $13,612 was funded by myself. This does not include the cost of producing and distribution of the DVD’s for the documentary. 

My wish is to have the Save The Peace Cross Documentary shown in the theaters throughout the country. I feel that every High School should show this film to their students because it explains about WWI and also deals with understanding the First Amendment.  It also is an excellent example of how the legal system works so it would be beneficial for college law students to view this film.